Bill Kenney has defended his clients against criminal charges ranging in severity from city ordinance or infraction violations, to traffic and DWI/DUI charges, all the way up to multiple felony counts charged at the state and federal court level. He is licensed to practice in Missouri, has entered on cases Pro Hac Vice in the District Court of Johnson County, KS, and is licensed to practice in Federal District Court for the Western District of Missouri. He currently has four federal cases as an appointed attorney under the Criminal Justice Act, and has gained a good deal of trial experience since the establishment of Bill Kenney Law Firm.

Favorable Results include: Second Chair to John Picerno, assisting him in obtaining an acquittal on one charge of Armed Bank Robbery. Acquittal on charges of driving while intoxicated in an administrative hearing against the Director of Revenue. Acquittal on charges of failure to remove vehicle from roadway, which failure lead to a multi-person injury accident. Dismissal of multiple traffic and red light camera tickets, based on evidentiary and foundational arguments. Multiple SIS plea agreements and diversions for more serious crimes, and multiple amendments and/or plea agreements for less serious offenses.

Recently he has been practicing in federal court, both at the district and appellate levels. To date he has filed two federal appellate briefs, both have been screened for oral arguments in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit at the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse in St. Louis, MO.

United States v. Diamond Blair
Click here to listen to Oral Arguments in United States v. Diamond Blair which took place on January 18, 2013.
Jury Convicts KC Man Of Illegal Firearm; Faces At Least 15 Years In Prison
KC Man Sentenced To 24 Years For Illegal Firearm