NFL Concussion Litigation

The Lawsuits Continue
2012 NOVEMBER 12
by Paul D. Anderson Law, LLC

As each week passes, more former players jump on the concussion litigation bandwagon. More than 30% of all former players have filed a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL.

The putative plaintiffs could reach 50% by the time the preemption issue is determined, although it appears that the soliciting of clients has digressed.

Nonetheless, there was a solid group of former players that recently filed suit. In the last two weeks, 8 complaints were filed against the NFL, which included 100-plus former players. Some of the more recognizable names include the following:

Former State Senator of Missouri, and long-time Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Bill Kenney. Kenney is represented by his son, William Kenney.

The family of the late Houston Antwine.

Four-time Pro Bowler and Two-time All-Pro Erik Williams.

Four-time Pro Bowler Ahman Green. Williams and Green are represented by a Mississippi law firm that continues to make it rain.

Updated: 1:35pm – Nov. 13

Dante Hall, Ellis Hobbs, Kevin Glover, Walter Rasby, Eric Warfield, Adam Schreiber and 19 others just filed suit in Miami.

This brings the total player-plaintiff pool to more than 3,870 former players, represented in 178 separate concussion-lawsuits. As always, these numbers will continue to grow.

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