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Civil Results
  • $2.8 million settlement - Jonathan Layden vs. Midwest Division - RMC, LLC d/b/a Research Medical Center
    Jonathan Layden called me from emergency room at Research Medical Center. He had been on his way to school to take a final when a careless driver ran a red light and t-boned him. He was severely injured and the bill for his treatment was nearly $11,000. As a student, Mr. Layden couldn’t afford to pay this. Fortunately he had health insurance. His first bill reflected a contractual adjustment based on Research’s contract with Blue Cross, showing the total amount owed to be around $3,000. Two weeks after I requested Mr. Layden’s medical records and bills, he called me to inform me that he had received a second bill. The contractual adjustment had been reversed and Research had billed him for the full $11,000. After numerous phone calls with Research, I was told that when there is an auto accident and an attorney is involved, Research’s policy was to bill the full amount; no contractual adjustment, no first time patient reduction, no charitable reduction. Ultimately Research sent Jon’s medical bill to collections and he settled the debt. Something that never should never happen to someone who has valid health insurance.

    On April 24, 2013, Mr. Layden filed a putative class action lawsuit against Research Medical Center and all of Research’s Missouri affiliates, for violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, Tortious Interference with Contract/Business Relationship, and Unjust Enrichment. After two years of litigation, the Court certified the class, appointed Mr. Layden as class representative, and approved the settlement, which totaled $2.8 million. Research and its affiliates also agreed to an injunction which prohibited them from engaging in this practice in the future.

  • Otis Taylor v. NFL | Tom Baugh/Bill Kenney v. NFL/Kansas Chiefs
    In late 2012, Bill Kenney, Tom Baugh, and Otis Taylor filed lawsuits against the NFL. Bill Kenney Law Firm, LLC worked as co-counsel on these cases with Gene Locks and David Langfitt of the Locks Law Firm. We filed in Jackson County, the cases were removed to federal court, designated as tag-along actions by the JPML, and ultimately consolidated with the growing number of NFL concussion lawsuits in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. A settlement was eventually reached, but it failed provide for former players whose symptoms were not yet severe enough for them to have been diagnosed with a disease or disability that qualified under the settlement agreement. Many players expressed concern that they might have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) or some other latent neurological condition, however, at this time, the only scientifically valid way to diagnose CTE is post-mortem.

    Because of these concerns, on Dec. 31, 2013, Bill Kenney and Tom Baugh filed a lawsuit against the Kansas City Chiefs, alleging that as their former employer, the Chiefs failed to meet their common law duties to provide their employees with a safe work environment. The case against the Chiefs was also removed to federal court and consolidated with the NFL cases in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Currently we are working on getting these cases remanded back to Jackson County to begin discovery and prepare for trial.

  • Mary Lagas and Clifton Callaway vs. Copies FYI
    Class Action against a medical billing company for charging fees in excess of the amount allowed by statute.

  • Nat'l Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2006-1/2006-2 vs. Defendant
    In early 2005 I was contacted by a client who was sued by two different entities for allegedly defaulting on their student loans. My client told me that they had no idea who these entities were. In one case, the plaintiff alleged that my client owed the principal amount of $13,543.08, pre-petition interest of $1,327.96, plus attorney’s fees and court costs. In the second case, the plaintiff alleged that my client owed the principal amount of $34,175.35, pre-petition interest of $3,350.90, plus attorney’s fees and court costs. After nearly a year of litigation and discovery disputes, I was able to secure a dismissal of both cases.
  • Rene and Cecilia Tapia vs. True Home Value, Inc. d/b/a Rolox Home Center
    Rene and Cecilia Tapia signed a contract with True Home Value, Inc. d/b/a Rolox Home Center, to have the old windows removed from their house and to have new windows installed. Their decision to purchase these new windows was based, in large part, on the Defendant’s representation that the windows were far superior to reasonable alternatives, and were manufactured with certain features that would provide benefits such as greater energy savings and/or efficiency, superior thermal performance, and a reduction or elimination of unwanted air and water infiltration. In fact, the Defendant actually represented that energy savings were guaranteed. After the windows were installed, the Tapias continued to have numerous problems with water leakage and air infiltration. Rolox made at least 13 service calls and numerous repairs, but failed to fix the problems. The Tapias sued for breach of express/implied warranties and violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. Ultimately the parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement.
  • JR & Co., Inc., Plf/Third-Party Def vs. et al., Def/Third-Party Plfs, vs. Third-Party Def
    I was contacted by the owner of a small business in late 2012. His business was operated out of a fairly large building in Olathe, KS. Earlier in the year there had been a large storm, and a representative of JR & Co., Inc., stopped by Sadler’s Indoor Racing and asked if he could inspect the roof for storm damage. My client agreed, however, JR’s representative said that he had to sign an “authorization form.” My client was told that the sole purpose of the form was so that JR & Co could talk to the insurance company if there was any damage. My client signed the authorization form, but he didn’t notice the small print towards the bottom, which said that if the “agreement” was cancelled, 15% of the proceeds of any insurance settlement was payable to JR & Co. Of course, the company rep found damage. He told my client he could get the repairs done at no out of pocket costs to him, and submitted bids for $330,000, $535,000, and $1.7 million. My client’s insurance company wanted a licensed engineer to give a second opinion, and he found that the quoted repairs would not work on the building. My client told JR & Co he was going to go with someone else, and they sued him for $49,500.00, which was 15% of the $330,000 estimate.

    I was hired to defend the case, and filed a counterclaim against JR & Co for fraud, and also filed a cross-claimed against JR’s sales representative for fraud. A month later, all parties agreed to a joint dismissal of all claims.

  • Discover Bank vs. Defendant #1 & 2
  • The Central Trust Bank vs. Defendant
    My client was sued for
  • NCOP Capital III LLC vs. Defendant

  • $225,000 Settlement - Standiford et al. vs. United States
    David Standiford contacted me in January 2012 to set up a meeting, and I met him and his wife at their home a few days later. David informed me that he believed that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Kansas City (“VA”) had committed malpractice in failing to diagnose his lung cancer. He was diagnosed in July 2011 with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, Stage IV T3 N2M1b. T3 means that the size of the primary tumor was a 3 on a scale of 0 to 4. N2 means that the degree of regional lymph node involvement was a 2 on a scale of 0 to 3. M1b means that distant metastasis was present. Mr. Standiford was informed that he had no realistic chance of survival and any treatment would be palliative in nature and given one to three years to live.

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    • My father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer July of 2011. He had been seeking medical care at the Kansas City VA hospital. My father had started to complain of certain abnormalities from weight loss, to sever pain, weakness and lethargy. Many appointments were made to try and find the cause of these symptoms. He was put on several different pain medications and was sent home with Bengay for the “muscle pain”. This had been going on since 2009. Chest x-rays were ordered and other labs tests. Nothing came of the chest x-rays until it was too late.

      My father went to the ER at the VA hospital with unbearable pain and was sent home with more pain meds and yet again, Bengay. He returned to the VA hospital to the ER desperate for help! Finally he saw a competent Dr. who ran appropriate test were they had found the stage IV lung cancer that has metastasized all through his body. The tumor had grown from the lung and through his rib cage which was broken. He now had no chance of life!

      My father had initiated a tort claim against the VA for misdiagnosis and negligence. We had a law firm who we thought could help us and ended up turning us down. That’s when Mr. Kenney came into place. He was willing to help our family not knowing the outcome. Sadly my father had passed November 2012. Mr. Kenney’s drive to find an answer for my father’s death seemed to increase. He helped research and gather pertinent information to provide a strong case showing the misconduct against my father. Through Mr. Kenney’s hard work and dedication my mother and I were able to meet with the US attorneys in mediation and settle my father’s case.

      We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. My father is missed every day. Knowing that someone took responsibility for how my father was treated brings a certain closure. We can’t thank Mr. William Kenney enough for all that he did for our family. His professionalism and outstanding knowledge brought us the ending we needed to move on with life without dad. All we can say is thank you!!!
      –Christina Standiford-Diehl

Criminal Results